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A new denim collection gives jeans a digital identity

Vogue Business | Lucy Maguire | May 5, 2020

Denim with digital ID - A new denim collection gives jeans a digital identityUpscale upcycling brand The R Collective has partnered with Levi’s on a new iteration of traceable fashion.

Key takeaways:

  • The R Collective has produced a fully traceable denim collection in collaboration with Levi’s, designed to reduce the end-to-end carbon footprint of garments.

  • Companies like LVMH and Ralph Lauren use digital ID technology to trace their supply chains; the Denim Reimagined project goes further, using ID labels to educate consumers about sustainable product care after purchase.

  • The Covid-19 pandemic, which has highlighted the need to digitally engage consumers and communicate with them, is accelerating the adoption of digital innovations like the one championed by The R Collective.

The Denim Reimagined project, created by Hong Kong upcycled apparel company The R Collective and supported by Levi’s, aims to take traceable fashion to a new level going beyond supply chain traceability.

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The nine-piece denim collection is accompanied by scannable garment labels that offer four digital “experiences” to customers, including supply chain information, less energy-intensive washing and drying tips, restyling tips to prolong the life of the clothes as well as advice on recycling the garment at the end of its life.

The information stored in the label’s QR code is produced by digital ID label makers Avery Dennison and Internet of Things platform Evrythng and can be scanned with a smartphone. The capsule collection

is now available for pre-order on The R Collective site and in the Levi’s store in Hong Kong mall K11 Musea from 11 May. The garments are also upcycled, constructed using Levi’s aged inventory to demonstrate a use for denim waste.

“Creating a digital engagement and a digital trigger on a garment is one way that we’re helping to inform consumers,” says Mike Colarossi, vice president of innovation, product line management and sustainability at Avery Dennison.

Denim Reimagined leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to track the relevant garment information and securely pass it on to consumers. In the last two years, luxury brands have also started to employ IoT technology to inform users on product supply chains or to verify the authenticity of goods. LVMH is developing its own digital platform, Aura, to use across brands; Gabriela Hearst and PVH have worked on digital identity projects; and labels from Ralph Lauren to 1017 Alyx 9sm have partnered with Avery Dennison and Evrythng on digital supply chain tracking.

Denim Reimagined’s point of difference is that, beyond upcycling materials and tracking sourcing, it includes multiple phases of the garment’s life, including customer care and after life.

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