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Canadian Fintech VoPay and Mastercard Partner to Move Money

Release | April 15, 2024

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VoPay's Partnership with Mastercard Will Offer Near Real-Time Money Movement in Canada and Globally for Consumers and Businesses

Mastercard and VoPay have announced a strategic partnership leveraging Mastercard's comprehensive money transfer solutions, known as Mastercard Move, to facilitate rapid, secure, and efficient monetary transactions both domestically and internationally. This partnership aims to redefine the landscape of financial exchanges, improving accessibility and convenience for both businesses and consumers.

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Hamed Arbabi, CEO and Founder of VoPay:

"This partnership delivers on both companies’ commitment to provide more choice and greater transparency for people who need to send money. The platform will also transform the way businesses and consumers transfer money internationally. Be it personal remittances, small business payments or commercial disbursements, with Mastercard Move, VoPay will enable businesses, financial institutions and consumers to send money to bank accounts, mobile wallets, cards and cash-payout locations in over 100 countries. The joint solution between Mastercard and VoPay will transform the user experiences for both the sender and the recipients."

  • Mastercard Move integrates domestic and international money transfer capabilities, offering various payment methods including direct bank transfers and payments to debit or prepaid cards. This diversity supports a wide range of transaction needs across different sectors.
  • Through the partnership, VoPay will utilize Mastercard Move to facilitate all domestic payments within Canada. This includes direct payouts to bank accounts, debit cards, and reloadable prepaid cards, catering to needs ranging from gig-economy compensations to healthcare payments, thereby enhancing the efficiency of domestic economic activities.

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  • The partnership significantly improves cross-border payments by providing secure, fast, and transparent money transfer options. These improvements are crucial for Canada, given its substantial engagement in international trade and its growing immigrant population relying on remittance services.
  • The collaboration ensures high security for transactions, featuring trackable payments, transparent fee structures, and real-time updates on transaction statuses. Such features are critical in building trust and facilitating smoother financial interactions globally.

Ramesh Jayakrishnan, Vice President, New Payment Platforms, Mastercard Canada:

“There is a growing demand for interoperable technology that allows consumers and businesses to move money seamlessly across networks domestically and internationally.  By leveraging Mastercard Move, including Mastercard’s technology and connectivity to global and domestic networks, VoPay, with its focus on providing a globally interoperable platform with embedded finance capabilities, will deliver significant value to Canadian consumers, businesses and government entities.”

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Why This Matters

By improving the speed, security, and transparency of payments, VoPay's collaboration with Mastercard supports Canada's economic growth and global financial innovation.

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