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Catastrophe Bonds: Killer Use Case for Digital Asset Adoption?

InsurTech Insights | Nov 5, 2022

Tornado wrecking ball - Catastrophe Bonds:  Killer Use Case for Digital Asset Adoption?Bermuda has long been an innovator in insurance and, under the leadership of its crypto believer Premier David Burt, it is now looking to be an innovator in digital assets.

  • Staked tokens as collateral: It’s based on an idea from Joe Ziolkowski, the CEO of crypto-focused insurer Relm. He wants to offer investors in staked token pools the chance to apply those holdings as collateral for special purpose vehicles that underwrite reinsurance contracts.
    • Ziolkowski believes an on-chain, smart contract-powered version of Insurance-linked Securities (ILS) could be backed with tokens locked up in the staking pools that run validators on proof-of-stake blockchains. In an interesting application of on-chain programmability to real-world problems, the staked funds could be locked up via a smart contract that would execute a reinsurance payout if one is triggered.
  • Problem: Insurance claims triggered by Hurricane Ian’s record-breaking destruction last month – with total losses seen as high as $75 billion – have combined with elevated uncertainty around climate change and with the general investor risk aversion stoked by rising interest rates to leave hedge funds and other entities reluctant to commit capital to the industry.


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  • Many fear a lack of catastrophe risk insurance will tank housing markets in Florida and elsewhere. It’s a really big, little-discussed problem. And crypto could contribute to solving it.
  • Driving crypto adoption:  This on-chain reinsurance idea is one way in which insurance could be a key element in driving crypto adoption, thereby providing greater stability and security to decentralized finance (DeFi).  Crypto companies have huge demand for regular off-chain insurance. Traditional insurers have been reluctant to provide directors and officers coverage, liability coverage and cybercrime coverage.
    • With the insurance industry’s help, the DeFI industry will eventually figure out how to better manage risk across the entire ecosystem. Innovative insurance hubs such as Bermuda are ideally placed to lead that effort.

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