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Clearco Secures $60M Series D, Recapitalization

Funding | Oct 6, 2023

Unsplash Jim Wilson Turnaround - Clearco Secures $60M Series D, Recapitalization

Image: Unsplash/Jim Wilson

In a striking rebound, Clear Finance Technology Corp., widely recognized as Clearco, has successfully secured a pivotal round of funding, navigating through a potential turnaround.

The recent recapitalization efforts, including a noteworthy $60 million Series D round and a new asset-backed financing facility, have provided Clearco with up to $100 million in financing capacity.

The recapitalization not only symbolizes a turnaround for Clearco but also underscores its resilience and strategic recalibration amidst challenges, including staff layoffs and the departure of co-founder and CEO, Michele Romanow.

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The company, now under the leadership of CEO Andrew Curtis, has pivoted its product focus towards its Invoice Funding product, offering predictable payment amounts and user-friendly terms, thereby aligning with the current and future needs of e-commerce businesses.

Clearco, renowned for utilizing AI and proprietary machine learning technologies to underwrite businesses, has been instrumental in aiding customers to fund inventory and marketing invoices, ranging from $10,000 to $2 million.

To date, the company has financed over 10,000 companies, injecting more than $2.5 billion into various businesses, thereby fostering growth and innovation across multiple sectors.

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