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InvestNextDoor Crowdlending Marketplace Drives Community-direct loans

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InvestNextDoor | Tabitha Creighton | August 25, 2014

InvestNextDoor Founders cropped 300x231 - InvestNextDoor Crowdlending Marketplace Drives Community-direct loansSeattle,  WA,  August  21,  2014  –  In  6 weeks  of  operations  InvestNextDoor  has  more  than 50 new  listing applications  in  progress  from  small  businesses  looking  for  a  better  way  to  borrow.  InvestNextDoor is part of the growing Crowdlending industry, where businesses borrow directly from investors, bypassing banks and financial intermediaries. “It’s like crowdfunding but supporters make money instead of getting rewards,” says Tabitha Creighton, CEO of InvestNextDoor.

Unlike early market entrants, InvestNextDoor’s marketplace enables investors to directly invest in businesses, creating a true direct Crowdlending marketplace. Tabitha Creighton, CEO of InvestNextDoor went on to say: “This kind of progress demonstrates why we hit the reset button on borrowing and investing. It’s no secret that small businesses succeed because they’re loved by their communities –so who better to lend to them?

InvestNextDoor has created a community‐engaged Crowdlending marketplace. It creates a new source of reasonably priced capital for small businesses, and better returns for Main Street investors.”

Small businesses create listings including how much they want to borrow and investors bid auction‐style on the rate and amount they’re willing to invest. This keeps costs low, maintains fairness and creates autonomy in the marketplace. InvestNextDoor has transferred the services banks, direct lenders and VC’s use for underwriting and due diligence, directly to the hands of borrowers and investors.

Lisa Ohman, COO and technical co‐founder noted:  “True crowd‐based lending enhances traditional financial risk profiles with the impact of knowing the people you’re borrowing from, and them knowing you."

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Having investors be able to walk into the shop or refer customers to help support the business they’ve invested in, is a model that could create a much stronger connection that amplifies the impact of the actual dollars invested.  You're not just investing in that business, you're investing in their community as well - and getting market rates of return.  It is complete disruption of traditional lending models.”

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Transparency matters; and small businesses can find out how much it could cost to borrow right on the home page with InvestNextDoor’s Instant Summary tool.

With bank and credit union approval rates between 18 and 51% for small business loans and only 50% of private capital raises meeting their goals, small business needs more money to grow.  Small business drives 50% of GDP and 50% of employment and a lack of capital means a slower economic recovery. Clearly, borrowing and saving cycles are broken and out of sync with what’s really needed.  InvestNextDoor is creating a win - win for both investors and borrowers as expressed by Leanne, a recent customer of InvestNextDoor: “InvestNextDoor is a concept LONG overdue. Small businesses can borrow at rates better than at the bank and investors can earn more interest than at the bank. It’s definitely a win‐win for both parties.” – Leanne, Small Business Owner

About InvestNextDoor

InvestNextDoor ( is a Crowdlending marketplace where individual investors lend money to small businesses in their community.   It creates a new source of reasonably priced capital for small businesses, better returns for Main Street investors and longevity for community-based financial services.  Focusing on communities first amplifies the economic effects of consumer investment in small businesses by keeping more of the benefits lifecycle within a given community.  InvestNextDoor is hitting the reset button on borrowing and investing for Main Street.

Source:  InvestNextDoor Press Release

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share save 171 16 - InvestNextDoor Crowdlending Marketplace Drives Community-direct loans

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