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Offline Crowdfunding: An Essential Marketing Tactic

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CrowdClan | | March 11, 2014

Business card exchange 300x198 - Offline Crowdfunding: An Essential Marketing TacticFor localized startups, nonprofits, and innovators, finding and connecting with individuals in the immediate community is essential to a campaign’s sustained health. Since not every project intends to turnaround and set-up an eCommerce platform, building a physical audience will ensure continued success after a campaign ends. As well, offline crowdfunding can be a great testing ground, ultimately helping projects refine their strategies long before hitting the web. Most importantly, however, those that comprise a project’s initial 30% are often closest to the creator, so establishing real-life relationships can help amass first-round investments.

Develop a Local Presence

Print Advertising

Think old-school because most of these techniques apply to offline crowdfunding. So design some business cards, flyers, pamphlets, and posters and spread-the-word around town. These advertisements should offer all of the essentials, including URLs to your various online profiles so that interested locals can follow-up. With a bigger budget, also consider ad space in newspapers, radio, and/or billboards. In doing so, you not only promote your campaign, but build-up your brand in the process. Should your campaign go successfully, it then becomes a huge story among the local community, which will translate into future support.

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Offline Incentives

When marketing offline, give away freebies at events and conventions. Think small, though – conserve your funds for the campaign. Consider promotional gifts like pens, key chains, and fridge magnets, all of which should show your logo. Every time a person goes to use these items, he or she will remember your platform and check-out your progress online. This can really help in the final days of a campaign should activity slow-down.

Events and Workshops

By visiting crowdfunding workshops, seminars, conventions, and meetups, you gain a valuable opportunity to network with other influential industry professionals. Often, this is a great place to connect with like-minded people, later using online as a way to further these relationships. By participating in such events, you stand to learn a lot about the crowdfunding climate as well as your own project. Coming up with a “quick-pitch” for these events may help you refine your objectives.

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share save 171 16 - Offline Crowdfunding: An Essential Marketing Tactic

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