‘Existential Threat’ To Growth And Innovation: Lack of Digital Talent

Forbes | Jack Kelly | March 2, 2022

upskilling - ‘Existential Threat’ To Growth And Innovation:  Lack of Digital TalentIt's been steadily building up for years. Many people didn’t notice, but now everything has been accelerated. Right now—and for the foreseeable future—we are in a new, fast-changing digital era. You will need to have basic tech skills just to keep up with all of the changes. If you don’t, there’s a high probability that you’ll fall further behind.

Udacity is an edtech company offering massive, open online courses to help people learn tech, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, data analysts and software development. These are the skills needed for the future of work.

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In an interview with Udacity’s CEO Gabriel Dalporto about the acceleration of tech advancements and its influence over the workplace:

"The talent shortage has reached a crisis pitch." He added, "If companies do not invest in talent transformation, they are destined to fail. The lack of job-ready digital talent has become an existential threat to businesses around the world."

To gain a better understanding of the mismatch between available talent and the needs of fast-growing businesses, Udacity conducted a Talent Transformation Global Impact Report study with leading independent market research company Ipsos, focusing on the digital divide.

The edtech company surveyed over 2,000 managers and more than 4,000 employees across four countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany. The report highlights the urgent need to address this skill gap. For many companies, their survival is at stake.

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Highlights Of The Survey

  •  59% of employers report not having enough skilled employees has a major or moderate impact on their business.
  •  80% of employers think their learning and development programs are at least moderately successful, but just 45% of employees with access to these programs say they are completely or very satisfied with them.
  • A majority of younger people across all regions believe their employers should invest in their future by providing skill training.
  • 44% of employers report that employee turnover is hindering the company’s ability to achieve goals.

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