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Fractional Music Ownership Platform: SongBits

Crowdfund Insider | | Jan 25, 2023

SongBits.comMusic concert - Fractional Music Ownership Platform:  SongBits is a new platform that is planning to launch later this year that will allow users to invest in “a bit of a song from world-class artists.” Investors may then share in the song’s streaming revenues for life, according to the company.

  • A private launch is taking place at the end of this week where invitees may choose to purchase “bits” of songs by DJ, Ashley Wallbridge.

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  • How does it work (from their website)?
    • Owning a bit has three clear benefits over just listening to a song: firstly, you receive a share of the song’s streaming revenue each and every time the song is streamed worldwide on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon, and more.
    • Secondly, a purchase often comes with additional exclusive benefits such as exclusive shows, tickets, downloads, merch or other cool stuff depending on the artist.
    • Finally, in addition to the benefits of actually owning a bit of a great song and all the bragging rights that go with that, you are able to gift your bits to someone else or even re-sell them at a later date.

The “music marketplace” is designed to allow investors to purchase fractional ownership in songs from “chart-topping artists, sharing in the song’s streaming royalties for life.”

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