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OSC introduces new cryptoasset educational tools

Investment Executive | James Langton | Nov 1, 2018

ICO and crypto investing box - OSC introduces new cryptoasset educational toolsAccording to the commission’s research, 5% of adults in Ontario already own cryptoassets

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) has launched two cryptoasset educational initiatives as part of its activities for Financial Literacy Month, the commission announced Thursday. aims to give investors an overview of cryptoproducts and services, including their regulatory status, and due diligence tips. mimics what a typical fraudulent initial coin offering (ICO) website may look like to help those interested in this type of capital raising tool identify potential red flags.

The hype surrounding the ICO market, combined with poor investor knowledge, “provides fertile ground for fraudsters” to exploit retail investors, the OSC says in a news release. According to the commission’s research, 5% of adults in Ontario, or about 500,000 investors, already own cryptoassets.

“At the OSC we’re committed to fostering innovation in the financial sector while at the same time helping protect investors from potential fraud and ensuring they consider both the opportunities and risks when buying cryptoassets,” says Tyler Fleming, director of the OSC’s Investor Office, in a statement.

See:  OSC Study: Lack of understanding of cryptoassets puts Ontarians at risk

“These initiatives help investors better understand cryptoasset products and services as well as be on the alert for any potential red flags before making a purchase.”

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Climate Disclosure | Feb 20, 2024 Embracing New Climate Disclosure Standards in Canada With the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) proposing the National Instrument 51-107 Disclosure of Climate-related Matters (NI 51-107) and its Companion Policy 51-107CP, alongside the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) introducing the B-15 Climate Risk Management guidelines, the governance implications for directors, boards, and public company governance are profound. See:  Fintech Can Combat Corporate Greenwashing This article sheds light on these regulatory shifts, offering insights and implications for Canadian fintechs and public companies, in alignment with the International Sustainability Standards Board's (ISSB) global standards. CSA's Climate Disclosure Proposals The CSA's Climate Disclosure Proposals aim to enhance transparency and accountability in how Canadian public companies assess and disclose climate-related risks and opportunities. This initiative reflects a growing recognition of the importance of climate-related information for investors, both in Canada and globally. The proposals are designed to align with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD:  disbanded October 2023 with mandate picked up by IFRS) recommendations, covering governance, strategy, risk management, and metrics and targets for climate-related issues. OSFI's B-15 Climate Risk Management Guidelines Simultaneously, OSFI has introduced the B-15 guidelines, marking a critical regulatory development ...
Freepik macrovector climate change - OSC introduces new cryptoasset educational tools
Innovation | Feb 20, 2024 Introducing 'SCORE' App: A New Approach to Dating and Financial Wellness In an innovative blend of finance and romance, Neon Money Club has unveiled 'SCORE,' a dating app designed for individuals with good to excellent credit scores.  The app requires users to have a healthy credit score for sign-up, connecting them with financially like-minded individuals. See:  Sustainable Business and The Regenerative Future This initiative not only fosters meaningful connections based on mutual financial goals but also offers valuable resources for those working towards improving their credit scores and financial literacy.  It goes beyond shared interests to prioritize financial wellness, ensuring users are matched with financially like-minded partners. Cream Card Features Neon Money Club's commitment to financial wellness is further exemplified by collaborations like The Cream Card™, a credit card that allows members to convert points into stock market investments. Such innovations underscore the need for creative and diverse voices in the next generation of finance. Cardholders can convert their points to invest in the stock market, specifically in assets like the Vanguard S&P 500 ETF, directly through Neon Money Club. This feature is designed to encourage and facilitate personal investment, offering a practical way to ...
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Bank of Canada Report | Feb 20, 2024 Bank of Canada's Latest Staff Report on the Effects of a CBDC in Canada and Banking Choices On Feb 8, 2024, the Bank of Canada's staff released a research paper titled "Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and Banking Choices' to dig deeper into the potential impact of the BoC introducing a CBDC on the Canada's financial ecosystem.  This exploratory CBDC report uncovers the nuances between digital and traditional banking, presenting a unique opportunity for stakeholders to navigate through innovation, policy-making, and banking adaptation. Research Insights:  Service Network, Holding Limits, Nuanced Impact The success of a CBDC depends on how widely it can be used (its service network) and whether it offers features that complement existing financial products. If a CBDC doesn't offer something extra besides just being digital cash, it needs to be accepted in many places to truly compete with bank deposits. See:  BoC: Redefining Financial Inclusion for CBDCs Setting a cap on how much CBDC an individual can hold (i.e., holding limits) might prevent it from taking over traditional bank deposits. This approach aims to find a middle ground that encourages the use of CBDCs for everyday transactions without pushing ...
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Survey | Feb 20, 2024 Insights into Banking Satisfaction, Financial Literacy, and Readiness for Open Banking A recent nationwide survey conducted by Abacus Data, encompassing 2,199 Canadians aged 18 and above, offers invaluable insights into the country's financial literacy, banking satisfaction, and the burgeoning interest in open banking. Below we break down and analyze each of the six survey findings and their implications for Canada's financial services sector. 1. Digital Literacy and FinTech Knowledge 38% feel confident in their digital literacy. 30% claim proficiency in financial literacy. 15% demonstrate familiarity with financial technologies. Younger Canadians (18-29 and 30-44) show higher levels of digital literacy (51% and 47%) and FinTech knowledge (23% and 21%) compared to older Canadians (60+), where only 25% exhibit digital literacy and 9% possess FinTech knowledge. See:  Feds Promise Open Banking Laws in 2024 and to Broaden Access to Payments Canada 2. Banking Satisfaction 72% are satisfied with their personal banking. 70% trust their financial institution. 69% feel their financial needs are being met. 60% believe their institution delivers personalized services. Younger Canadians report lower satisfaction and trust compared to older demographics. 3. Perceived Effectiveness of the Canadian Banking System 51% believe the system adapts to changing ...
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Feb 19, 2024 So, you've heard about the buzz and are considering buying Bitcoin. It's a world that might seem complex at first glance, with its own lingo and an ever-evolving landscape. But let's break it down into more digestible bits, shall we? You might still be wondering exactly what Bitcoin is. In essence, it's a form of digital currency that operates without a central authority. Transactions with Bitcoin are recorded on a public ledger called the blockchain, ensuring transparency and security – two elements at the heart of this digital revolution. Exploring the Initial Steps to Enter the Cryptocurrency Market Think of entering the cryptocurrency market like dipping your toes into a new kind of financial ocean. You’d probably want to go to a place where the waters are monitored, and that’s exactly what a digital asset exchange does for you. These exchanges are platforms where you can BTC buy or other cryptocurrencies with traditional money. It’s like an online marketplace, but instead of buying handcrafted goods, you're exchanging your dollars for digital coins that you can use for various online transactions, investing, or as a potential store of value. Entering the crypto market is akin to starting a ...
How to buy Bitcoin - OSC introduces new cryptoasset educational tools
Feb 18, 2024 Have you ever pondered the aftermath of a tragedy on our roads? When a stroll turns into a catastrophe, the legal maze that ensues can be daunting and complex. This guide will navigate the murky waters of the legal process following a fatal pedestrian accident, laying bare the essentials you need to clutch onto during these trying times. Get ready to explore the intricacies of the legal system and gain a better understanding of what happens next. Let's get into it! Immediate Investigation and Evidence Collection In a fatal pedestrian accident, the first step is to secure the area and call for emergency services. Once responders are on the scene and have tended to any injured parties, law enforcement officials will begin their investigation. This typically involves collecting evidence such as: witness statements photographs of the accident scene gathering information from involved parties It's important to cooperate with these authorities and provide any information requested. This will help them in their investigation and can also assist you in any legal action that may follow. Determining Liability In simple terms, this means identifying who was at fault for the accident. Determining liability can be complicated as both parties ...
Freepik fatal pedestrian accident - OSC introduces new cryptoasset educational tools
Feb 18, 2024 In the dynamic realm of online casinos, where the thrill of gaming converges with the ease of accessibility, a captivating array of technology operates behind the curtains to guarantee seamless functionality and a safe gaming atmosphere. Did you know that the global online gambling market reached a staggering $92.9 billion last year, showcasing the immense scale of this industry? At the heart of online casinos lie the intricate algorithms governing random number generators, ensuring fair and unbiased outcomes for every spin and hand dealt. Furthermore, with cyber threats on the rise, online casinos invest heavily in state-of-the-art security protocols, with reports indicating that the industry spends over $10 billion annually on cybersecurity measures. Join us as we delve deeper into the technological marvels that propel the online casino landscape, shaping the future of digital entertainment. Random Number Generators (RNGs) At the core of every equitable and transparent online casino game resides a pivotal technology: the Random Number Generator (RNG). These intricate algorithms serve as the digital gaming realm's backbone, meticulously crafting truly random and unbiased outcomes. Operating at lightning speed, RNGs churn out thousands of random numbers per second, dictating the fate of each spin, roll, or ...
Unsplash Mika Baumeister Numbers - OSC introduces new cryptoasset educational tools
Feb 18, 2024 Casino bonuses are like special treats that online casinos offer to make playing games even more fun. These bonuses come in many shapes and sizes, and understanding them can help you get the most out of your gaming experience. Let's explore the world of casino bonuses, focusing on their types, benefits, and the important details hidden in the fine print. Types of Casino Bonuses 1.   Welcome Bonuses: Imagine walking into a party and getting a gift just for showing up. That's what a welcome bonus is like. It's a way for casinos to say "hello" and "thank you" for joining them. Usually, it matches your first deposit with extra money to play with. 2.  Free Spins: If you love slot games, free spins are like free tickets to your favourite rollercoaster. They let you play more without spending more money. It's a chance to try new games or keep enjoying your favourites without touching your own cash. 3.  No Deposit Bonuses: These are like surprise gifts. You get a bonus just for signing up, no deposit required. It's a small amount to help you start playing, but hey, it's free! 4.  Loyalty Bonuses: Think of this as ...
Freepik DilokaStudio Green moneybag bonus - OSC introduces new cryptoasset educational tools
Tokenization | Feb 16, 2024 Citi collaborates with Wellington Management and WisdomTree to explore the tokenization of private markets, aiming to revolutionize the $10 trillion sector Feb 14, 2024:  Citi, in partnership with Wellington Management and WisdomTree, have successfully completed a proof of concept for the tokenization of private markets. This initiative, conducted on the Avalanche Spruce institutional test Subnet, aiming to use blockchain technology to gain operational efficiencies and new functionalities within the $10 trillion private markets sector, traditionally bogged down by complex and manual processes. The collaboration tested the tokenization of a Wellington-issued private equity fund, demonstrating the potential of smart contracts to streamline operations compliantly.  The result of the experiment?   Smart-contracts could enable buy- and sell-side institutions to engage with distributed ledger infrastructure in a low-risk, regulatory-compliant manner, offering unprecedented operational efficiencies. See:  Fund Tokenization: Fractional Issuance, Streamlined Redemption, and Servicing Benefits By encoding fund distribution rules into smart contracts, the initiative promises greater automation and an enhanced compliance and control environment for issuers, distributors, and investors. Citi's exploration into tokenization is not just theoretical; it includes practical scenarios of transfers using smart contracts, showcasing the feasibility of new operating models that could revolutionize the market. Nisha ...
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Feb 16, 2024 You might be reluctant to outsource all your business processes because this can cost you money. However, while this might be the case, outsourcing your SEO can be incredibly advantageous as this can help as many customers see your company as possible and boost your sales. Then, here are some of the top reasons why you should leave your SEO to the professionals. 1.    They Can Improve Your Ranking The most obvious reason why you might want to outsource your business's SEO to experts is that they might be able to improve your ranking and ensure that your company can always be found at the top of search results. This is important because many people search for the products they want to buy online. By harnessing SEO, you will be able to entice an audience to your website that is more likely to be interested in your items and convert leads into sales. This means you should look into what companies like can offer you and your business. They might be able to iron out any issues within your current SEO campaigns, develop a plan for the future, and help you get the tools you need ...
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