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The Impact Artificial Intelligence Has On Web 3.0

Guest Post | Nov 24, 2022

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Modern business should be on the edge of technologies, which is why it is important to provide all the necessary services with the help of the internet. For this reason, people should know about the impact artificial intelligence will have on web 3.0 and how business depends on it. In fact, some elements of this unique technology, like machine learning solutions, are already used by many Canadian companies. This is because of the simplicity and opportunities this technology provides for the brands.

Key Features of Artificial Intelligence for Web 3.0

Many people have knowledge on the third generation internet thanks to the popularity of cryptocurrencies. Digital assets have shown the world that the future depends on high-end technologies that can simplify different aspects of modern business. But before the talk about AI perspectives, it is important to say a couple of words on what is the World Wide Web 3.0. In short, it is a next level of evolution for online technologies that will allow people to create websites that are much smarter and are connected to provide a better user experience. It will be really hard down a particular site, because they will start to work more like a torrent with a number of sources that will maintain the working status of the online platform.

But in order to make sure that the site with no single entity control will work correctly, it is important to use the most advanced technology with artificial intelligence implementation. Here are the main features that AI can provide to simplify the life of regular users and those that are going to be pretty handy for the business:

  • Personalized ads. Companies are already doing their best in order to make ads much more personal. People need to see ads that will present things they truly need. It is very important to understand what users prefer and AI can analyze big data in order to make it possible.
  • Smarter search engines. People need to look for certain things fast and the only way to do that is by using smarter search engines. Thanks to the documentations of technological giants, like Google and Yahoo, it is possible to adjust the content of a certain news website, online store or any other kind of business that is presented online, to make sure that all people who are interested in a certain product, will be able to find it fast.
  • Digital trademarks. Many people might have heard about NFTs and how they allow you to buy the ownership rights for a certain picture or digital asset. Such non-fungible tokens can be implemented in the videos, songs to include trademarks that will be immediately recognized by AI to make sure that a product is protected from scammers.

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These are only a couple of features that will make each company better in the future. There are no doubts that AI is going to automate and make all brands much more accessible for millions of users around the world.

How Much It Is Going To Cost?

Many people are worrying that the implementation of advanced artificial intelligence tech is going to cost too much. But in fact, it is not, because unlike other kinds of solutions it is going to be automated for the most part. It means, the only real waste companies will have to make is buying a certain tool that will help them to improve a certain segment of the business. In rare cases, companies can seek help from specialists who will develop a unique solution based on artificial intelligence. Which also will not be the most expensive way of making a business much more profitable.

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