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28 Nations Agree to The Bletchley Declaration on Frontier AI

Artificial Intelligence | Nov 1, 2023

Joint Agreement on Frontier AI - 28 Nations Agree to The Bletchley Declaration on Frontier AI

28 leading nations, including the United States, China, and members of the European Union, have united under the UK's convening to forge the Bletchley Declaration, a commitment to the safe and responsible development of frontier Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Historic Agreement for AIs Future

This historic agreement, reached at the iconic Bletchley Park, marks a significant milestone in the global approach to understanding and mitigating the risks associated with advanced AI systems.  For the first time, 28 countries convened by the UK and including the US, Canada, EU and China agree opportunities, risks and need for international action on frontier AI – systems where we face the most urgent and dangerous risks.

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The Bletchley Declaration is a testament to the international community's recognition of the profound impact that frontier AI can have on our world. It acknowledges the immense opportunities that these technologies present, from revolutionizing industries to addressing complex global challenges. However, it also underscores the urgent need to manage the potential risks and ensure that AI development aligns with ethical standards and societal values.

The declaration also addresses the challenges posed by potential intentional misuse of AI, as well as unintended control issues, highlighting concerns related to cybersecurity, biotechnology, and disinformation. It calls for a collective effort to understand and mitigate these risks, ensuring that AI technologies are developed and deployed in ways that benefit humanity as a whole.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak:

This is a landmark achievement that sees the world’s greatest AI powers agree on the urgency behind understanding the risks of AI – helping ensure the long-term future of our children and grandchildren.  Under the UK’s leadership, more than 25 countries at the AI Safety Summit have stated a shared responsibility to address AI risks and take forward vital international collaboration on frontier AI safety and research.

Fostering Global Cooperation and Research

The declaration brings together countries from diverse regions, including Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and beyond, creating a united front to navigate the complexities of frontier AI. Endorsing nations such as Brazil, France, India, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates, have pledged to work collaboratively to foster a deeper understanding of AI risks and to develop strategies for safe and responsible AI deployment.

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Key to the Bletchley Declaration is the emphasis on international cooperation and scientific collaboration. The agreement lays the groundwork for a global network of research on AI safety, building upon the UK Prime Minister's recent announcement of the world's first AI Safety Institute. This initiative aims to harness the power of scientific research to create an evidence base for managing AI risks, while unlocking the technology's potential benefits.

Looking ahead, the Bletchley Declaration sets the stage for sustained international dialogue and action on frontier AI safety. The Republic of Korea has stepped up to co-host a virtual summit on AI in the coming months, and France is slated to host the next in-person summit a year from now. These events will continue the momentum generated at Bletchley Park, fostering ongoing collaboration and progress in the realm of AI safety.

In conclusion, the Bletchley Declaration reflects a shared commitment among leading nations to navigate the challenges and opportunities of frontier AI, ensuring that this transformative technology serves as a force for good in the world. As we move forward, the principles and actions outlined in the declaration will play a crucial role in shaping the future of AI, fostering innovation, and safeguarding humanity.

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