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We’re Creating Machines That We Cannot Control

FT via NewsNCR | John Thornhill | Sep 15, 2022

Machine contemplating - We're Creating Machines That We Cannot ControlOur machines are becoming smarter — and sassier — at astonishing and unnerving speed.

  • When one of Google’s senior researchers asked the company’s LaMDA chatbot whether it was a “philosophical zombie” (exhibiting human-like behaviour without having any inner life, consciousness or sentience) it replied: “Of course not.”
    • Unconvinced, Blaise Aguera y Arcas asked the AI-enabled chatbot how he could know this was true. “You’ll just have to take my word for it. You can’t ‘prove’ you’re not a philosophical zombie either,” LaMDA answered.
  • OpenAI, a San Francisco-based analysis firm, shocked many customers with its capability to generate reams of believable textual content at outstanding pace with GPT-3 in 2020.
    • Since then, such fashions have turn into larger and extra highly effective, increasing from textual content to pc code, pictures and video, too. Not solely can these new fashions generate textual content and pictures however interpret them too.
    • They are additionally rising from sheltered analysis environments into the wilds of the true world and are more and more being deployed in advertising, finance, scientific analysis and healthcare.
    • The crucial query is how intently these technological instruments must be managed. The threat is that smarter machines might solely make dumber people.

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Open to abuse

  • If educated on traditionally biased information units, basis fashions can produce dangerous outputs.
  • They can threaten privateness by extracting digital element about a person and utilizing bots to reshape on-line personas.
  • They also can devalue the forex of reality by flooding the web with faux data.

“We can trust money so long as there is not too much counterfeit. But if there is more fake money than real money, the system breaks down. We are creating tools and systems that we cannot control.”

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