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AI Robo-lawyer is Set for Its First U.S. Court Case

Gizmodo | Lauren Leffer | Jan 9, 2023

DoNotPay robo lawyer - AI Robo-lawyer is Set for Its First U.S. Court Case

Image: DoNotPay/Gizmodo

The AI legal assistant has helped people contest parking tickets, now it's leveling up to the courtroom—and the judge doesn't know.

  • An AI-based legal advisor is set to play the role of a lawyer in an actual court case for the first time.
    • Via an earpiece, the artificial intelligence will coach a courtroom defendant on what to say to get out of the associated fines and consequences of a speeding charge, AI-company DoNotPay has claimed in a report initially from New Scientist and confirmed by Gizmodo.

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  • DoNotPay was started in 2015 as a basic chatbot, meant to help users navigate bureaucratic and legal snafus—mostly using conversation templates.
    • And even in its earliest incarnations, the bot was a success. In less than two years, DoNotPay successfully contested 160,000 parking tickets in New York and London. And the company claims it has resolved 2 million cases total since its founding.
    • The founder also told New Scientist that he recently used the AI and a synthesized voice to reverse $16 worth of bank fees.
    • The company already offers tools on its site that can produce written communication or scripts for people looking to avoid or minimize fines, healthcare costs, subscriptions, or other common bureaucratic speed bumps of modern life.

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  • Current Experiment: DoNotPay does plan to take responsibility for any resulting fines from both cases, and Browder said that the company is compensating the two defendants for their participation in the “experiment.”
    • DoNotPay is also reticent to disclose case specifics because what they’re doing is likely in violation of courtroom laws and protocol.
      • The company is relying on hearing accessibility standards in this particular court, which offer a loophole allowing the use of Apple AirPods.
      • Asked if the court will be aware of the AI-assistance during the hearing, Browder responded, “Definitely not.”

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