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AI’s Impact on Competition: Bureau Calls for Insights

Consultation | March 20, 2024

Competition Bureau AI and Competition Discussion Paper 2024 - AI's Impact on Competition: Bureau Calls for Insights

Help the Competition Bureau Shape the Future of AI and Competition in Canada

The Competition Bureau of Canada has launched a discussion paper and consultation on the topic of 'Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Competition' and its implications for competition within the Canadian market, from the foundational aspects of AI to its impact on market structures and practices. There are 3 sections to the consultation with some specific questions to respond to.

Download the 27 page PDF 2024 Discussion paper on 'AI and Competition'

Part 1:  Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

This section contains AI's definitions and aims to establish a common understanding of AI from diverse perspectives including academia, industry, and governance.  By identifying emerging technologies and those of particular significance to Canada, stakeholders can help shape a regulatory framework that is both forward-looking and tailored to the unique needs of the Canadian AI sector.


  1. Are there any additional technologies, not included in the above list, that the Bureau should consider to advance its understanding of Artificial Intelligence?
  2. Are any of the identified technologies particularly significant to the AI sector in Canada?

Part 2:  Markets for Artificial Intelligence

This section covers the markets involved in the production of AI products and services, including AI infrastructure, development, and deployment. It highlights the importance of vertical relationships and access to resources like data and computational power, which are essential for innovation and competition in AI markets.

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Understanding the competitive dynamics and the role of vertical relationships in AI markets as potential barriers to entry or areas where competition may be stifled. These insights can guide the Bureau in promoting a competitive environment that encourages innovation and ensures fair access to essential resources.


  1. What are the key factors that influence the competitive dynamics in the markets for AI infrastructure, AI development, and AI deployment?
  2. How do vertical relationships affect competition in AI markets?

Part 3:  AI and Competition

Section 3 examines how AI may affect competition in the context of Canadian law. It explores AI's impact on mergers, monopolistic practices, cartels, and deceptive marketing practices.  It also discusses the Bureau's role in working with policymakers to promote competition in AI markets.

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By exploring how AI influences anti-competitive practices and identifying ways the Bureau can support a competitive AI market, stakeholders can contribute to developing policies that safeguard competition while fostering innovation.


  1. How might AI influence the Bureau's approach to identifying and evaluating anti-competitive practices?
  2. What role can the Bureau play in supporting the development of a competitive AI market in Canada?

Call To Action

This consultation represents a unique opportunity for stakeholders from all sectors to contribute to a critical discussion on the future of AI and competition in Canada. Your insights, experiences, and perspectives are invaluable in shaping policies that balance innovation with fair competition.

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By providing insights into these areas, stakeholders can help ensure that Canada's approach to AI and competition is both informed and effective, promoting a market environment that benefits consumers, businesses, and the economy as a whole.

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