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Venture Capitalists Dislike Women More Than They Like Profit

AltFi | Hannah Duncan  | Aug 22, 2022

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It’s enough to make you want to hurl your skinny latte at the wall. Preferably a freshly painted white one. 40 per cent of all early-stage fintechs are led by women. Yet investors – blinded by prejudice - are only willing to part with 4 per cent of funds. It’s not a coincidence. It’s a disgrace.

Esteemed psychologist and fintech leader Elin Helander:

  • A concrete example is that if a man comes in wearing a fancy, expensive coat, it’s seen as a sign of success. Whereas if a woman wears an expensive, fancy coat, [investors] think she’s not good at handling money – or she’s spending a lot.  Along with other researchers, Helander has conducted extensive studies into gender-related bias in business.
  • Our brain is designed to put everything into categories bBut these categories easily turn to prejudices. Just because you acknowledge them… it doesn’t mean they go away.
  • Across investment rounds, women are frequently interrogated about their homelife too. A hurdle most men do not have to jump:
    • “Quite often I was told that because I have four children, I’m uninvestable”, reveals Gemma Young, founder of the award-winning Women of Fintech community and Chief Growth Officer at TechPassport. “But there are just as many male parents as female parents”.


What’s more, the latest findings from Innovate Finance show that female-led fintechs receive just a microscopic 4 per cent of fintech investment in the UK. It’s SO wrong. It’s blatant sexism. It’s deeply unfair. And – stupidly - it’s also hurting the investors themselves.

Investors are missing out on a lot of money

Like smashing a cup of coffee against the wall, investors are wasting resources, destroying opportunities, and making one hell of a mess. For god’s sake. The solution is obvious. We urgently need investment in female-led fintech. It’s time to end the antiquated thinking and start opening the wallet… Your profit margins will thank you for it.

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